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OSIS ROI Fact Sheet

OSIS ROI Fact Sheet

OSIS ROI Fact Sheet

We live in times where strategic spending and cost savings are critical to our success. So as you decide how you can invest in creating new biblical texts in OSIS and moving existing texts to OSIS, it is essential to understand what kind of return you will get from your investment.

One of the key objectives of OSIS is to create a digital standard that will help your agencies to save time and money as you leverage the power of a common format across all of your processes and products C a common format for many visions.

Judging from the experience of publishers in other fields that have adopted genre-specific XML solutions, savings come in many different forms:

  1. Training costs go down with time, because XML is widely known and has many ready-made training materials available.
  2. Programming costs for data conversion gradually disappear; such costs are seldom broken out in project budgets, but are often substantial nonetheless.
  3. Proofreading and re-keying costs will drop, because fewer errors will be introduced in process.
  4. The costs of publishing to multiple media will drop radically. Related costs such as support problems due to Web and paper version being out of sync, will also drop rapidly if the transition is managed well.
  5. Translator/Product Development productivity will rise because there will be fewer conflicts over learning new tools. Since many tools support XML, writers can be given more voice in choosing their favorite tools, improving productivity.
  6. Software costs may decrease, since many open-source tools support XML, and your organization need not be locked in to any particular vendor. If the vendor raises prices more than their quality or service justifies, you can move to a more cost-effective solution.
  7. The ease of production from XML source makes it more feasible to reduce print runs, reduce warehousing costs, and even to undertake print-on-demand where appropriate.
  8. Additional revenue may be gained from short-run publications that would not be cost-effective without XML and OSIS. For example, producing diglot Swahili/French Bibles can be feasible with an XML production workflow.
  9. Partnership opportunities increase which open the door for the development of new products and the opening of new ministry areas along with potentially profitable markets.
  10. In the long term, costs of recovering or re-keying back-list publications virtually disappears.

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