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The Bible Technologies Group: Technology in the service of spiritual growth


Maximize production, distribution, access, use, impact, and
preservation of the Bible and related texts from all time periods


Increase efficiency of translators and paper and electronic
publishers by providing standards for authoring, transfer,
production, and delivery of documents across media.

Develop tools that make it easy for individual students, scholars,
pastors, and others both to study these resources, and to produce new
and valuable resources on their own.


Provide websites and other digital tools and resources to make it easy to get to a
wide variety of Biblical and related resources. Make such access
efficient and minimize cost to providers and users.


Facilitate, encourage, and actively support translation of these
resources into the many languages of humankind.  Facilitate their
broad and where possible free distribution.


Develop means for users to have confidence that the documents are of
high quality, and accurately reflect their originals. Make tampering
easily detectable, and distinguish it from legitimate new editions,
derivations, etc.

Encourage and facilitate cooperation between text archives, software
vendors, and others so that costs and barriers to use are reduced,
and users may be encouraged to make maximum use of the resources they
lawfully obtain.

Develop methods for users to identify and understand the varying
theological perspectives of resources they encounter


Research and develop or adapt technologies that facilitate Bible
study, exegesis, textual study, devotion, meditation and other
scholarly and religious activites related to the Bible.

In particular: provide means to coordinate resources in multiple
media (sound, video, text, graphics, etc); seek ways to make Biblical
and related resources relevant, current, and inviting to 3rd
millenium culture, by intergrating multiple media, using technology
to assist in scholarly and religious activites, and reporting and
encouraging such uses.


Encourage and facilitate high-quality digitization of
resources, and robust archival maintenance of originals and the
digitized forms. Encourage treating preservation as a means to widen
and deepen access of information, not only of artifacts.

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